WeYaMo which means "Let's enjoy" in local cameroonian pidgin english, is cameroon's leading application for music streaming, and record sales, Just like the name suggests, once you are on the platform you are guaranteed that you are going to have an enjoyable feeling as you go through the amazingly curated music from Cameroon and africa at large. Launched in June 2019, the music streaming and record sale platform is hoping to be a big revolution in the Cameroonian and african music scene. WeYamo is a service that is here to bridge the gab between Listeners and entertainers with local means of payments integrated such as Orange Mobile Money, Mtn Mobile Money . The Availability of different payment options such as local means of payment, Credit card, Paypal makes this service a top notch solution and a revolutionary idea. WeYaMo is here to change the dynamics, it's now or never. From WeYaMo artists can make music instantly and the very next second be counting money from sales on the platform.

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